Development path

2016 to date

Since 2016, Customized automation department has been set up

Industrial robots integrated applications; visual system integration; Custom automation integration application; 3D automatic storage systems.

Year 2004

The company was established

ShiYan Bao'An District of Shenzhen City AOKE machinery and equipment business department

Year 2005

Clear company positioning and development direction

Focus on injection molding auxiliary equipment research and development and production.

Year 2008

Company changed its name

The company's own development needs, the company moved from ShiYan GuanLan, 

the company changed its name to Shenzhen SOXI Machinery Co., Ltd.

Year 2008

Developed the first Rapid heat & cool mold temperature controller  in China

Through the unrelenting efforts of the SOXI colleagues, we developed the 

first high-speed / rapid Heat & cool  temperature control system with independent intellectual property rights in China.

Year 2008

Passed the IS09001: 2008 quality management and CE certification

In the quality of the concept of corporate life, concerted efforts by all members of the IS09001: 2008 certification, the same year in June by the European Union CE certification.

Year 2011

Proposed the concept of automated injection molding plant

From concept to implementation, the SOXI took six months to build the first Automation injection molding plant in Dongguan JAME

Year 2012

It was identified as the first batch of state-level hi-tech enterprises

In many patented products and have excellent R & D team developed the SOXI capability, our company was identified in 2012 as the first state-level high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City.

Year 2014

The company sold billions of RMB

Establish long-term partnership with DuPont, Flextronics, Whirlpool, Simatelex, Mattel, Boardway, Midea, Gree, bull, MINTH-Group, AUX, and other world-renowned large-scale enterprises, in 2014 sales for the first time breaking billions RMB