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 Water supply system is the production of an important and indispensable part. Traditional large area of water supply, water pollution and easy, and more investment in infrastructure, but the main drawback is that water pressure can not be kept constant, resulting in some of the equipment is not working properly. Water supply equipment for the production equipment is a direct water supply, later put into operation, work year round, during the period running basically no maintenance cycle, so the high reliability requirements. Water supply device basically unattended, good performance requires the control system, not only can normal run automatically, timely protection and automatically resume normal operation after elimination of a fault should be recoverable fault condition occurs when the system is unrecoverable failure shall send an alarm, and to minimize downtime to ensure continuous supply of the device.

 Frequency control technology is a new AC motor stepless mature technology, with its unique excellent performance is widely used to control the speed and control, especially in the water supply industry. Because of the special needs of production safety and water quality, it has strict requirements for constant pressure water supply pressure, and thus frequency control technology has been more in-depth applications. Advanced technology constant pressure water supply, constant pressure, easy to operate, reliable, energy saving, high degree of automation. Equipped with full equipment without operator.

 Frequency control technology intelligent control system uses a core part of the preparation and design of Siemens, Mitsubishi programmable controller software by the senior professional and technical engineering staff are fully based on the operational characteristics of the pump carefully compiled based on years of experience on the water supply project, the device has intuitive, simple and reliable, stable performance, high intelligence and many other features,

Working principle of the constant voltage supply device are adjusted automatically run a number of pump units and according to changes in water pump speed, the pump outlet pressure constant. When the water supply equipment, when the user less than a water pump out the water, the control system has a water chestnut adjust the operating frequency according to changes in water consumption, water consumption increases when the pressure drop within the piping system, then the pressure detected by the sensor signal is transmitted to the microcomputer control unit determines run by computer issues a command to the inverter to control the pump motor, the speed is accelerated to ensure the system pressure constant, whereas when the water was reduced pump speed slows down, in order to maintain constant pressure.When the water is greater than a water pump, the pump is switched to the first operating frequency, a second pump start frequency adjustment operation, when the water is greater than two pumps out water, will automatically stop one or two sets of pump operation . Throughout the operation, the water supply equipment and always maintain the same constant pressure system, the pump is always working in the high zone, both to ensure constant water supply users, but also saves energy. The actual pressure pipe network is compared with a given pressure after feedback, when there is insufficient pressure in the pipe, the inverter increases the output frequency, the pump speed to accelerate, increasing the supply of child and forced pipeline pressure rise. Conversely pump speed slows down, reducing the amount of water, the pipe pressure drops, the water supply to maintain constant pressure.



1, to maintain constant pressure, constant pressure water supply technology uses the frequency change due to the motor supply frequency, adjust the pump speed to achieve the outlet pressure of the pump changes, by adjusting the ratio control valve outlet pressure of the pump mode, greatly reducing the pipeline resistance with reduced loss closure Effectiveness. Multiple pumps automatically switch to run;

2, due to variable pump work in variable frequency conditions, at its outlet flow is less than the rated flow, pump speed reduced, reducing the bearing wear and heat, extend the pump and motor mechanical life.

3, pump motor with soft start mode, acceleration by the acceleration time is set, to avoid the impact of current when the motor is started, the impact of fluctuations in grid voltage, but also to avoid making sudden acceleration the electric motor

Surge into pump system. Complete elimination of water hammer phenomenon;

4, Can be manually / automatically run to achieve constant pressure automatic control, do not require frequent operator operations, reducing the labor intensity of staff, saving manpower;

5, adjust PID parameters online

6, pump and line protection detection alarm, signal display;

Construction guarantee:

First, in strict accordance with IS09001 quality management system standard organization and implementation of the implementation, highlighting the construction process and process control, according to the standard construction.

Second, in strict accordance with the "duration, quality, safety," the three major controls, and through a variety of incentive policies to maximize the mobilization of staff enthusiasm and creativity. Strengthen production organization, implement network plan control, carry out tasks and responsibilities at various levels, and transmit the pressure step by step, and strive to achieve operational measures in place, direct command in place, coordination and coordination in place, services in place, interlocking construction projects, rapid Orderly and efficiently.

Third, engineering vigorous use of prefabrication, assembly of the level of construction, closely rely overcome technical difficulties, to science and technology for the construction period, to quality, to be efficient, to the level of engineering excellence to ensure compliance.