Industrial 4.0

Smart Storage Introduction:


Three-dimensional storage with high space utilization, a strong ability to enter the library, the use of computer control management and help enterprises implement the characteristics of modern management, logistics and production management has become an indispensable storage technology, much attention by the industry .



With the rapid development of science and technology, information technology, automated production technology and commercialization economy, handling a variety of materials required for the production of raw materials, semi finished goods and in circulation, storage, distribution, and information is not an isolated Things.


Intelligent three-dimensional storage components:


Mainly by the shelf, a stacker crane roadway (stacker), the library storage work station, and a management system scheduling control system.



The main features of intelligent storage are:


1. Reduce labor costs.


2. Seamless standardized management.


3. To help businesses save space. Three-dimensional display, efficient use of space.


4. software efficient and practical.


5. Full-featured.


6 using the Internet remote control.


7. Easy to install.


8. Large cloud data.


9. Green.


10. Wide range of applications. Can be used alone intelligent cloud storage cabinets used to store all kinds of valuables, applied to all walks of life.



Scope of application of intelligent three-dimensional storage:


The electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, supermarkets, chain industry, plastic metal, gold jewelry, toys, gifts, luxury brands, hardware accessories, auto parts, household items, food and agricultural products, power tools, small electrical appliances, warehousing and other electricity providers.