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High light mold temperature profile:


High light mold temperature known as the rapid heat & cool mold temperature controller, designed to solve, such as a weld mark, ripple, floating fiber, optical alignment color, deflated, lack of material, and the stress concentration and other injection molded article quality, people to take a number techniques measure, comprising: optimizing the mold design (e.g., layout optimization cavity and waterways), optimization of the injection process (including a control mold temperature, speed and pressure, and dwell blank range and the like), and the combined hot runner technology, Gasassisted technology and heat treatment technology. Nevertheless, these measures are still difficult to solve the problem fundamentally. The painting process afterthought despite remedy the aforementioned drawbacks, but often leads to higher costs and scrap rates, and its production is not environmentally friendly (benzene). As a new technology developed in recent years, the high-gloss no-melting injection molding system has become a new solution to the above problems.


The equipment combines the steam forming technology of Japan, South Korea and Europe to remove the expensive and complicated boiler system, and combines the unique characteristics of domestic enterprises with the singlemachine design. The equipment is small in size and strong in maneuverability and can be moved like a common mold temperature machine , Small investment returns fast, the company can provide a set of enterprises for traceless (highlight) molding programs, including traceless (highlight) mold design, test mode, production.


Multi-purpose Rapid Heat & cool Mold Temperature Controller uses:


For LCD TV, LCD computer displays, automotive liquid crystal displays, lights and optical instruments, etc., in addition to flat panel televisions, this technology can be widely used liquid crystal display computer, air conditioners, automobile interiors, and other home appliances, Automotive, communications, medical and other industries.