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Rapid Heat & Cool Mold Temperature Controller Series

High light mold temperature known as the rapid heat & cool mold temperature controller, designed to solve, such as a weld mark, ripple, floating fiber, optical alignment color, deflated, lack of material, and the stress concentration and other injection molded article quality, people to take a number techniques measure

Mold Temperature Controller Series

Water is an environmentally friendly recycling resources, the use of water as a heat transfer medium has its advantages, water conduction efficiency, pollution, easy access to resources, in the conventional use of water at a certain temperature boiling, the maximum temperature of only 98 ℃.

Dehumidifying Hopper Dryer Series

Three in one desiccant dryer is combined with the actual situation of the plastics industry developed new products.

Masterbatch Color Mixer

Color mixer can also be called masterbatch mixer, can be divided into monochrome masterbatch machine and two-color masterbatch machine. It is suitable for the new material, material, masterbatch or additives, such as the automatic ratio of mixing.

Hopper Dryer Series

Hopper dryers can also be called ordinary dryers, which are the most economical dryers for dry plastic raw materials. This hopper dryers can be used together with the injection molding machine, simple and efficient! Hopper dryer is standard hot air dryer replacement products, based on the original features fully take into account

Chiller series

Chiller is a water cooling equipment, Chiller according to the form of refrigeration can be generally divided into water-cooled and air-cooled, technically, water-cooled air-cooled energy efficiency ratio is higher than 300 to 500 kcal / h; in price, water-cooled than air-cooled Much lower; in the installation, water-cooled to be included in the cooling tower before use, air-cooled is removable, no other auxiliary, but the

Crusher Series

Various types of hoppers, shells and other defective products specially used in the production of injection molding machines are used for recycling of scraps, saving materials and reducing costs.